Oatimism — Adding Value, Inspiring Positive Change

Oatimism is created by me, Shaun. I come from the garden city, Singapore.

Each and every content available here has been created with a main intent of adding any form of value to your life.

Hopefully after reading through and internalizing the experiences I have to share in each post, you will find them useful in a way or another when you include them to you day to day life. And should the content not contain information that is relevant or applicable to you, you can hopefully find some kind of connection between it and other areas of your life.

Along the way this web blog strives to embolden you to gather the courage to step out of your comfort zone and make positive changes, embrace your self-identity and realize you have the power to change it, and empower you to continue growing as a person and evolve into a better version of yourself.